Who doesn't like watching sexy sweet beach lolitas prancing about the place in their tiny bikinis? You don't have to be old Nabakov to appreciate the sexual allure of a lolita and make a fool of yourself over her. Nothing warms a man's heart (and gets his cock hard) like a half-naked beach bunny, right? But when another girl decides to kick some ass on her young female roommate, it's TEEN BIKINI FIGHT TIME!!
Lola was staying at her sister's girlfriend's beach front apartment for the summer. Even though she was quite a bit younger than Tina, they always seemed to get along...Untill one day Tina came home and caught her wearing her new bikini and sleeping in her bed...
teen bikini fight picture
teen bikini fight picture
Tina started scolding and berating the younger girl, saying stuff like "You better not ruin my new bikini with your stinky little pussy!", when Lola suddenly snapped! She grabbed Tina by the throat and bore her down on the bed, throttling and strangling her. Tina couldn't believe the strength in the young teen's hands as they closed around her throat. She fought back as hard as she could...
Tina rolled onto her stomach and tried to get away from the pissed girl, but Lola grabbed her by the hair and starting pulling it savagely. "You fucking SLUT!" she yelled "I heard your boyfriend almost puked when he got a whiff of YOUR dirty cunt!" It got way nasty after that as the young teen punched and yanked Tina's long red tresses...
hair pulling teen bikini fight picture
savage teen bikini fight picture
As the girls continued their savage fighting and wrestling their bikini tops came off revealing their delicious tits. If she hadn't been fighting for her life, Tina would of enjoyed playing with Lola's firm young teen breasts - she'd always had a bit of a crush on her friend's younger sister. But instead, she grabbed Lola's bikini top and started strangling her with it. This teen bikini fight was getting WAY out of hand!...
But Lola was no pushover, she turned the tables and got her hot little hands on Tina's bare breasts. She squeezed her full tits and yanked at the sensitive nipples. "Bitch!" she yelled "I'll give you a Texas tit twister you won't soon forget!" Tina screamed so loud the guy next door called the police and told them someone was getting murdered next door!

Luckily it was just an awesome TEEN BIKINI FIGHT!

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tit squeezing teen bikini fight picture

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teen bikini fight pictures